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April 18, 2024

Did you know that among the services we offer here at Maple Mountain Pharmacy are hormone evaluations? We can work with you to assess your hormone levels and utilize treatments to help restore your natural hormone balance. If you want to learn more about this valuable service, simply read on:

What is a hormone evaluation?

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A hormone evaluation is a type of consultation that we offer here at our Utah pharmacy, during which we will work with you to determine whether your hormones are balanced or not, and suggest a treatment plan that can help to balance your hormone levels. We can help to provide information about hormone replacement therapy and answer any questions that you may have about the treatments.

Who should consider a hormone evaluation?

As you age, your hormone levels naturally decrease, which can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue and other challenges, but fortunately there is plenty that you can do about it! Both men and women can benefit from hormone evaluations here at our pharmacy, as we can recommend treatments that can help to replenish natural levels of testosterone and estrogen. Women dealing with the effects of menopause and men experiencing lower testosterone levels tend to benefit especially from our hormone evaluation and replacement services. If you find yourself experiencing any of the symptoms that can be associated with hormone imbalance, you may want to speak with our pharmacists to schedule a consultation.

What are the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement?

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Bio-identical hormones are almost exactly what they sound like - they are hormones that are identical to those produced by your body. These hormones are derived from plant sources and then converted into bio-identical hormones. The benefit of these hormones is that they are able to have the same effect on your body as natural hormones, compared to those that have been chemically altered. Bio-identical hormones are a safe and effective alternative to synthetic hormones that are commercially available. Some of the benefits of estrogen can include decreased risk of heart disease, fewer hot flashes, improved bladder control, lessened fatigue and depression, and more. Some of the benefits of testosterone include increased libido, increased brain function, improved mood, better stamina, and more.

How can I learn more about hormone replacement therapy?

If you want to find out more information about bio-identical hormones and hormone replacement therapy, you can simply reach out to our pharmacists to schedule a private hormone consultation here at our pharmacy. We can help to answer any further questions you may have and help you get started with this useful service at Maple Mountain Pharmacy!

Now that you have had your questions answered about our hormone evaluation services, you may also be interested to learn more about some of the other services we offer here at our Utah pharmacy by reaching out to our team. Remember that we are always happy to help our patients with any health challenges they encounter, and we will work hard to help you live your best life. We look forward to assisting you with any and all of your health needs!

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