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Consultations At Maple Mountain Pharmacy

We take the title "your neighborhood pharmacy" very seriously and want you to know that our staff members are committed to helping you improve your health one step at a time! Our consults and evaluations are detailed and thorough, so you can rely on us to discuss all your options, answer your questions, and give you the resources you need to feel your best.

woman holding a blister pack of hormone pills

Hormone Consultation

We use bioidentical hormones derived from plant sources instead of synthetic hormones used in traditional hormone therapies. The hormones in BHRT are identical in structure and function to the hormones your body naturally produces. Men and women suffering from a hormonal imbalance can come to our compounding pharmacy in Utah for a thorough hormone consultation and personalized BHRT! Let's help you get to feeling back to normal.

low dose naltrexone

LDN Consultation

Low Dose Naltrexone is a compound used mainly for autoimmune disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, but it can also be taken to help with chronic pain, mental illness, and cancer side effects. A consultation with one of our pharmacists will help you determine if LDN is right for you and come up with an effective treatment plan.

pharmacist looking at patient's arm

Dermatology Consultation

Looking for answers about your skin? From eczema to psoriasis to allergy-related rashes, an online consultation with a dermatologist is the jumping point for getting your questions answered and finding a path to better skin health.

insurance plan consultation

Insurance/Medicare Enrollment

Our pharmacy staff would be glad to help you with Medicare Part D enrollment. Starting with your medication list we will go to the Medicare website to compare the different plans available to you. We can help you select the top three plans and then provide a printout to make it easier for you to compare your options.