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Maple Mountain Pharmacy - Asprega

Product Details

Far more comprehensive than most probiotics. Contains 17 probiotic strains plus extensively researched Saccharomyces Boulardii to promote broad spectrum digestive health*.

Prebiotic Fiber

Additionally formulated with prebiotic Inulin: An important component to provide nourishment and help maintain probiotic effectiveness and vitality.

Probiotic Health & Wellness Support

Many of our probiotic strains have been widely researched to help promote and support women’s feminine and urinary tract health*, oral hygiene*, immune*, digestive*, and Stress Induced GI Health* all to help promote, maintain and support overall health and wellness*.

Delayed Release Capsule

Designed with a delayed-release vegetarian capsule to effectively deliver maximum effectiveness by resisting the destructive effect of stomach acids.

Promote Digestive Health*

Independent studies suggest probiotics may promote digestive health when taking antibiotics*.

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