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Pharmanex® LifePak Anti-aging


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Fuel your life with the all-in-one, advanced nutritional formula your body needs, including vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, carotenoids, and support for your entire antioxidant network.

Why You’ll Love It

The all-in-one, advanced nutritional formula your body needs

  • Targets nutritional needs at the cellular level with efficacious amounts of nutrients essential for vigor and vitality.*
  • Supports your antioxidant defense network.*
  • Features several vitamin and mineral forms chosen for enhanced absorption and utilization.

Directions for Use:
Take one (1) packet twice daily with eight (8) ounces of liquid
with your morning and evening meals.

LifePak merges the best in nature with the latest in proven science to give your body what it really needs to perform in top condition. Featuring many nutrients, this holistic formula optimizes your complete nutrition far more than standard multivitamins. And thanks to Level-II SCS certification, you can know important carotenoids are fortifying your body as you watch your skin carotenoid score improve over time using a Pharmanex S3 BioPhotonic Scanner.